Sage Time (Hosted/SaaS) Solution

Sage Time eliminates the traditional time clock, introduces manager and employee self-service, is delivered in the cloud as a SaaS solution, and integrates with Sage HR and payroll solutions.

  • Payroll integration
    Save time and eliminate duplicate entry. Labor processes, whether by punch clock, biometric scanner, or anything in between, integrate efficiently with most payroll solutions.

  • Sound scheduling
    Streamline time management while giving your employees visibility into their schedules.

  • Instant access
    View time and attendance on mobile devices. Geographical tracking reports employee
    location, while geofencing restricts employees clocking in and out. This saves time and
    eliminates time theft.

  • Labor distribution
    Save entry time where extensive lists of cost centers are used for employee time and labor allocation.

  • Utilities
    The location for balance accruals, schedules, and timesheet notes are all centralized in one location. The need to navigate to multiple screens is eliminated.

  • Dashboard
    Multiple tasks can be tracked within the same screen. This enables quick punch fixes,
    timesheet approvals, time requests, and more.

  • Temporary review and approval rights
    If a manager is on vacation or leave of absence, a temporary manager can be
    assigned so workflow is not interrupted.

  • Reports
    Customized reports can be generated using a centralized screen with saved settings that can be emailed to recipients at predefined increments of time.

  • Adding logos to exported reports
    Enhance branding and provide professional compliance reports by creating mindshare with the ability to add any choice of logo to reports.

sm-pdfSage Time Feature Sheet

sm-pdfSheet HRMS 2016Sage Time Clocks Matrix US100R

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